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But have you considered how much easier things could be for you without all the time you spend on school administration? And wouldn't you like to know a bit more about how your child's schooling is going?

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If there is one thing educators can agree on, it's this: children do better in school when their parents get involved in their learning.

— William Bennett


The facts: Engaged parenting leads to successful children

We all want our children to succeed in life. In fact, we want their success even more than our own. The good news is, this is an achievable dream!

Research shows that parents, schools and communities who work together to get involved in their children’s academic journeys will make their children want to succeed and achieve.  

This process, of course, needs to be backed by both parents and teachers. The more parents and teachers work together to help children succeed in school, the better students behave, and achieve. In short, engaging parenting leads to motivated children.

Research shows that children with engaged parents get better grades, develop more self-confidence and even have better social skills!


So, how do you get engaged in your child's schooling?

Bringing out the best in your child involves both you and the school. The school has a duty to help you make it easier to shape your child's dreams.

That means you being in contact with teachers and other parents, knowing how your child's academic life is going, and being proactive in encouraging learning. The school needs to help facilitate this and work towards the same ends from the other side.

It also means being sure that your child is safe and well cared for at school.That's a lot of work, but we can make that journey with your child easier – and better - for you.

We can also help make it safer for your child.


A safer school experience

You've seen the increase of missing children in Ghana on the news. 

One of the easiest ways for someone to take a child is when school lets out, and there are so many children, parents, and strangers around the school property. With so many people, it's hard to tell when one child goes missing.

And it's also not just strangers that should be your primary concern.

Parents generally teach their children about "stranger danger" from an early age, telling them not to talk to, walk with or take gifts or candy from strangers. But statistics show danger often lurks closer to home. Even if your child knows the face of someone picking them up from school, it doesn't mean they are safe. 

You need to know who your child is with and where your child is at all times. You need peace of mind knowing that your child can only leave with people you authorize and trust to do so.

Be part of that journey.

Our app, SmartSapp, allows you to stay on top of your child's day in school and easily stay in contact with teachers and other parents, monitor your child's school day, and stay on top of academics.

You can make sure your child has arrived and departed school safely and even monitor their lunch in the canteen. It also allows you to make easy and safe payments to the school. It's everything you and your child need to stay safe during the pandemic and more. We work with schools to assist them in upgrading their systems and services, and then everyone gets connected. An outstanding, seamless educational experience becomes as easy as clicking a few buttons! 

SmartSapp is an integrated and seamless app that makes helping your child's journey to success just that much easier. It really can do it all. There's just no downside to it!

Be Smart; be part of SmartSapp!

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