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Congratulations on finishing our QUIZ! Your school is slowly heeding the call of progress, but it does need some serious technological TLC. 

Still, things could be more effortless, seamless, and integrated. 

If there is one thing educators can agree on, it's this: children do better in school when their parents get involved in their learning.

— William Bennett

The facts: Parents and schools engaging together leads to successful children.

Your dream as a school is for the children in your care to succeed. It's your calling, your job. And you can do it, with help from children's parents! 

Research shows that parents, schools, and communities who work together to get involved in children's academic journeys will ensure successful children who achieve. It also motivates children more!

The more parents and teachers work together to help children succeed in school, the better students behave and achieve. 

Having involved parents also help teachers understand children better and let them focus on their work more.

The only app that prioritizes privacy

SmartSapp is not only an all-in-one tool for a brilliant educational experience, but it also ensures that all data shared from your school and parents are kept completely safe.

Imagine if strangers could easily access the information about school communication, child safety, and payments by just entering an app! That won't happen with Smartsapp.

Smartsapp is entirely digitally secure, so no one who isn’t part of your school community will have access or eyes on the communication and data shared on this app.


How does it work?

We work with schools to assist them in upgrading their systems and services, and then everyone gets connected. An outstanding, seamless educational experience becomes as easy as clicking a few buttons! 

SmartSapp is an integrated and seamless app that makes helping your child's journey to success just that much easier.  It really can do it all. 


Be Smart; be part of SmartSapp!

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